About the Project

The 'Path to Portland' was a concept that I came up with when I decided to take a trip out to Portland, Oregon. With my passion for the visual arts, as well as my love for the beautiful landscape that our country has to offer. I took this opportunity to record, and photograph the great places that I visited. I hope you enjoy the imagery as much as I did! It was truly a life changing experience!

On a side note, I am a complete amateur cameraman so pretty much the whole first half of the video is not as crisp as the last half ha. But I am learning and I still got some pretty cool shots. And now, I have found my new addiction!

The destinations I went to go in order from the start of the video. Places such as Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, all of the Black Hill Mountains, Big Horn Canyons, Devils Tower, the whole Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons and swam in Lake Jackson (which was awesome) and then headed to Portland, Oregon. I will definitely be doing something like this again. There is so much to see out there...